Enlightenment Intensive

All the myths and legends speak of treasures like
the pearl beyond price,
the vein of gold,
the Sorcerer’s stone,
the Holy Grail,
the Sacred Chalice...

Would you like to take your own Hero/Heroine’s Journey to discover your deepest truth?

Would you like to be taught by your OWN INNER TEACHER, your very Soul?

An Enlightenment Intensive Retreat gives you the Sacred Space in which you can travel within to your own inner depths and discover what is True, Absolute, Unchanging and Everlasting.

This experience has many different names depending on the lineage…


We call it direct experience because that is exactly what it is, direct experience with who and what you are - NO SEPARATION…

When you feel and know truth directly, it is truly life changing… a truth that can break you free from suffering created by the mind.



" You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

John 8:32

Have you ever longed to EXPERIENCE and to KNOW God and Truth?

⋘ This retreat is for you! ⋙

Here are what some of our course participants have said…

"The EI's I have taken have been some of the most beautiful experiences I have been a part of. Being able to see so deeply into my own soul and the soul of another is one of the greatest gifts I have given and received! Durga is an exceptional human being! Gentle and powerful and full of inspiring words. I am forever grateful to her for her support in the transformation of my life.

-Indu, Heather Eilering ​E​-RYT 500, C-IAYT, ALC Senior Teacher at Amrit Yoga Institute-

Why go to an Enlightenment Intensive....

Would you love to be free? Free to be your BEST and HIGHEST SELF?

Does it feel like you are trapped in the stories you tell yourself, your conditioned patterns and beliefs?

Have you noticed that your life can feel like a hamster wheel, with you going around in circles again and again?

An Enlightenment Intensive can release you from the Monkey Mind.

When you are able to break free from the monkey mind and experience your True Nature,

some amazing things begin to occur in your life…

When you get out of the mind you can live from your heart space.

From there you experience a deep sense of PEACE, tranquility and joy.

Relationships grow in both number and richness as you can more clearly communicate with others and listen to them in a meaningful way.

Real relating can occur with deep contact and connection.

Once all of the clutter is out of the way, you have real FREEDOM to BE your true self, discover your gifts and share those gifts with the world.

What is an Enlightenment Intensive?

First, let me ask you a question.... When was the last time you gave 3 full days, 72 hours of devoted attention to one goal? To contemplate one simple thing? Maybe never.

That level of focus can and does create powerful realization.

An EI (Enlightenment Intensive) is a residential retreat where you devote 3 days to self- inquiry. What is self-inquiry? It is a Zen-like practice where participants focus on a koan, or a question with no finite answer. During EI’s a finely tuned and powerful technique for self-inquiry is taught. Koans include: “Who am I?”, “What am I?”, “What is Love?”, “What is life?” and “What is another?”

This Zen-like practice is combined with a Western technique called dyading, where two people sit across from each other taking turns contemplating a question and communicating the thoughts and feeling that arise while the other partner truly listens to the other.

Initially, the mind is allowed to empty all of its monkey mind thoughts. When those thoughts and feeling are truly witnessed by a partner without judgement, often the mind can be cleared - bringing opportunity for breakthrough and transformation. During the process of releasing those thoughts, participants have life changing insights and realizations. Everyday life situations may remain, but they lose their emotional charge. In fact, often they simply no longer look or feel like a problem when one looks from this higher frequency.

Achieving this deep state of PEACE and mindfulness would be amazing enough. But once the mind clears and the participant continues to focus on their koan the magic really happens… A space opens up to experience something new and mysterious. That mysterious occurrence is what we call union, or direct experience.


The freedom that arises from union, from direct experience, is the home-coming for which we all long.

During the retreat, the master EI, Durga, and her staff take great care to make sure ALL distractions and day to day worries are removed so you can focus whole heartedly on your pursuit of direct knowing. Loving space is held for all participants. Well-trained staff help participants face barriers which usually stop us in daily life, so real progress can be made.

Intensive days are filled with dyad exercises interspersed with silent contemplative walks, meals, rest, meditation, snacks and exercise. Experienced support staff are always available for instruction, guidance and encouragement.

Common benefits of Self- Inquiry:

► Deep sense of peace and tranquility

► A greater sense of joy

► Powerful personal insights and breakthroughs

► Living from your heart space

► Being able to live your true purpose

► Dramatically improved listening and communication skills

► A deepening of the relationships with others

► Reconnect with your child-like innocence and spontaneity.