Self Inquiry Dyads

The structure we use for the Sacred Space Self-Inquiry is commonly called a “dyad.” A dyad is where two people work together, sitting across from each other and giving one’s partner full attention. The partners take turns being either in the contemplator/communicator role or the listening role.

Whoever is contemplating in the communicator role is taking in an instruction, contemplating and then communicating whatever words, images, thoughts and feelings that arise. The listening partner simply listens without comment, judgement or feedback, but with full attention and holding a loving space.

In the case of a clearing session, the instruction given is in the form of a question that will often inspire thoughts and feelings to arise from the mind which need to be cleared. In the case of an Enlightenment Dyad, the instruction given is a KOAN, a zen-like question which is unanswerable by the mind. To learn more about Enlightenment Intensives, the space where Enlightenment Dyads are used, please click here.

You CAN clear the monkey mind through being in each now moment…

Contemplating whatever is coming up without resisting what is…. fully communicating it to another…. And having that communication really listened to and received without evaluating or commenting or “fixing” in any way.

This Journey will take you from head to open heart. We move deeper and deeper, until by Grace, we may miraculously find ourselves in a Sacred Space of the Divine Mystery.

The Dyad structure can be used in many different ways...

Individual Mind Clearing Sessions:

Durga works with you one-on-one to facilitate your inquiry into an area of life you choose to work on at that time. This is assisted dyad work for mind clearing, where you are tracked carefully so as to fully get across to another the subject at hand. You become aware of what’s clear and what’s unclear, relieve the charge around the subject, practice communication to another, etc. until there is no longer a problem, even if there is a project.

Enlightenment Dyads:

When you are doing self-inquiry in dyads with others, with the intention and openness to have a direct experience, enlightenment, or awakening. Although the mind will clear during this process, the goal is to go much deeper. Once the mind is cleared, the koan can bring one into the still silence where YOU and the Mystery are one. It is an AWE-filled, never to be forgotten gift of direct experience which will inform your living forever. To learn more about Enlightenment Intensives where we use Enlightenment Dyads please click here.

Group Clearing Dyads:

We sometimes work in groups with clearing instructions. Sitting with a partner in a dyad, individuals each have about 5 minutes each to contemplate and communicate an instruction designed more for insights and realizations than direct experience. These are powerful opportunities for increased clarity about yourself, life, and others. Group clearing dyads also bring awareness to aspect of our being that we may not be conscious of.

They are greatly beneficial in increasing listening and communicating skills with valuable practice avoiding any judgements, advising or fixing of others. The instructions may be quite specific such as “Tell me about a holiday time when you felt loved.” They may also be more general: “Tell me about something that is important to you.” A few instructions such as “Open to the presence of love and tell me what occurs” allow for both mind clearing and break-through. Group Clearing Dyads can be held by an EI Master, a Clearer, or a trained monitor. They are wonderful opportunities to share self-inquiry with new contemplators and those interested in taking an EI.

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About Individual Mind Clearing Sessions

Have you ever noticed yourself replaying a conversation repeatedly in your head? Have you felt anger well up every time you remember something someone did or said to you? Have you ever felt a sad, embarrassed or ashamed about a memory that you just can shake? Clearing Sessions can help.

Clearing Sessions are done in a one-to-one setting with the client and Durga. The purpose is to release the thoughts, emotions and distress that constantly replay in one’s head day after day.

These thoughts can create unclarity, depression, indecisiveness and mental emotional, spiritual and relationship distress. What most people don’t realize is that most conflicts with others and personal states of unhappiness come about either as a result of not knowing or not expressing one’s thoughts and emotions.

Durga works in the area chosen by the client, using an assisted dyad processes to clear current problems, release effects of traumas, free inner tensions, process challenging negative emotions, receive insights, develop communication skills and come to deeper loving care of the self. Clearing Session clients often report a great sense of relief and release, a kind of coming home to who they really are. The thoughts, emotions and behaviors that feel counterproductive and plague one’s daily life can be overcome. Relationships tend to improve dramatically, and people are more able to more efficiently tackle their projects and achieve their goals. Clients find themselves more at choice and needed changes can be made with more ease – giving a sense of freedom to life with alignment with higher purpose and truth.

A one hour session is $100. Clearing can be done either in person, or at a distance through FaceTime or Skype.

Once an initial interview session has been held at no cost to you, we may agree to work together for a minimum of six sessions, and then continue as long as benefits are occurring.