Your Own Hero/Heroine’s Journey

August 7th, 2018

When you don’t know who you are, you believe what you see reflected in the mirror of the others, whether it’s the one before you now, or the internalized parent, or the programmed mass consciousness of your culture.

So, let’s say that you are blessed by Grace to discover, to know through your own direct experience, the truth of who and what you are. And now in this very moment, your new single vision presents itself in its purity, the Sacred Space of all that is – One without another.

And this miraculous transformation with it’s higher frequency and the bliss of giving you entrance into joyous worlds of beauty, harmony, wisdom, and peace.

UNTIL…life happens, and you find yourself no longer a privileged son or daughter of a King, but trapped and enslaved. Your true identity has been forgotten by you and others. Both you and others have forgotten your own worth. It feels like you’ve “lost” truth. You no longer seem to have inherited the kingdom. There are limitations, lack, and fear everywhere. You’re suffering.

What if…someone arrives on this scene (either YOU or another) who remembers who and what you are?

Is the truth ever really lost? Or have we simply identified with our trials and tribulations at the expense of our True Nature, our True Identity?

There is always a way back home. Self-inquiry will serve as a thread to lead you back home. Who is suffering? See if you can find that one, and discover for yourself who and what you are.

This is the hero/heroine’s journey – and YOU are the pearl beyond price!

This pearl is tucked away deep inside your heart. Inquire within to find this Sacred Space of aware consciousness you are and don’t identify with the circumstances, the passing emotions, thoughts, experiences of this unborn, never dying, eternal one.

What exactly are we doing on an Enlightenment Intensive Retreat?

The Divine Sacred Space, the aspect of you the is of God, seeks to REALIZE itself through you. It wants to manifest as you. This POTENTIAL is like a seed trying to grow, to embody you so you can be an expression of the Divine.

When we inquire within and really want to know, we are intending and willing to open up to a Divine dialogue. We are attending to a new frequency in our body-mind instrument. We have the opportunity to learn the difference between the temple of the body-mind with its human experiences and the holy spirit that abides there. We have the blessed opportunity to KNOW that “the Father and I are one.”We experience directly our inheritance of the Kingdom as a child of God.

Does that sound like a journey you might want to take?

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