Take a voyage of self-inquiry into yourself, life, another… and discover truth and experience Oneness with Durga Patricia Carroll and Sacred Space Inquiry.

Sacred Space Inquiry is a powerful practice that can be used by followers of ANY religious or spiritual path to empty their mind and find a deep sense of peace and equanimity.

This practice uses a pair of individuals sitting together in a structured “dyad.” During the dyad the mind is broken FREE from the habitual thoughts that create suffering, often bringing transformational personal insights and realizations as well as breakthroughs into direct experience or union.

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Those who long for union and experience of God, Love and Truth can pursue and achieve these blissful states at a Sacred Space Inquiry residential retreat called an Enlightenment Intensive.

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“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.”

– Rumi

“It can be challenging to be a modern mystic diving into the Mystery while fully engaged in life, but with support and guidance, it is possible. In fact, it is a blessed opportunity to have the desire, intention and time to consciously evolve through our own self-inquiry, contemplation and meditation. Together we will shed ego's habitual conditioning for our True Nature to come forth from this Sacred Space. Here our full potential can flower as we will create higher forms of beauty, love, service, and harmony. Come out into the sunlit garden and let's play together as we create an artful life, a heaven on Earth.”

-Durga Patricia Carroll-
For self-inquiry practitioners and modern mystics desiring ongoing support and guidance, Durga offers private clearing sessions.

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I invite you on a journey to Oneness…

In the Oneness where there is no other, we have returned to Source, the home that in reality we never left. The Prodigal Son & the Prodigal Daughter have returned to claim the inheritance of the Father/Mother/God's Kingdom.

Be still and know that I AM

It takes practice to remember who and what we are, but once the truth of oneness has been directly experienced, you always know.

Once touched by direct experience, your practice (sadhana) now becomes LIFE... all of life becomes a dyad, an opportunity to reflect on the true nature of yourself and that which you behold...

An opportunity for seeing the Divine One in form before you, regardless of the form that one is taking!

The is alchemical work at its height.... seeing the Divine before you, in you, as you, the others, and all that is.

We can be taught concepts and have beliefs, yet what always prevails is our own DIRECT EXPERIENCE. Once this occurs, the conditioned patterns, limitations, fears come up simply to be healed and pass just as a wave recedes after crashing against the shore.

Welcome to the Journey...